Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Horizons

It's no secret that I love baseball. What a lot of people might not realize is that the whole reason I like baseball is a guy. No not him. X taught me to love baseball. More to the point - he informed me I would either learn to love it, or I'd be a baseball widow from April to October.

So, I started watching games, I read a little, and I asked questions. I was able to really step up my knowledge by listening to radio broadcasts, rather than just TV broadcasters. Radio personalities have to give you more information; they have to fill the air for the whole game because they have no image to use as a crutch.

So, that was 1995. Know what happened at the end of the season in 1995. Derek Jeter was called up from the minors. Now, why didn't anyone tell me baseball players looked like that!? I'd have been a fan the whole time. Good grief. (It's worth noting that Mr. Jeter played for the Albany-Colonie Yankees early in his career, while I was in college. My college baseball team played at the same field where the Yankees played. I knew players on the college team, but never went to a game. Timing is everything people - don't forget that.)

Anyway, my motivation to appreciate baseball was enhanced by Mr. Jeter. Because - well, because he makes me smile. *sigh* But I'll be honest - I just like the sport. Not to mention, it really was something X and I were able to share for a lot of years, and now I'm able to share it with my dad, and with other friends.

I tried applying the same effort into learning football. For several years in a row, I got as far as what a "down" is - then stopped. Because frankly - calling it a down just doesn't make any sense to me. But whatever. X's favorite team isn't local and are rarely on TV on this coast, and my dad doesn't follow football. I figured I was off that hook.

But nooooo.....

So, I've decided I am going to learn football. I have new people in my life who like sports; watching, and more importantly, talking intelligently about sports seems to be a good idea. Plus, it never hurts to expand your horizons, and learn something new. Thankfully, through the magic of the twitter, I have have some girlfriends who were able to help me identify the proper motivation for figuring all this nonsense out. Details (and photos) to follow. Thanks in advance, ladies.


  1. My dad has three daughters. We had no choice when it came to loving sports. :) Now, as a semi-grown-up female, it definitely works to my advantage. One of the first times we chatted, Jack asked my opinion of the new Mets manager. I went into a diatribe, as I usually do. When I finished, he proposed. LOL!

    Football is definitely more complicated than baseball, and like I told you yesterday, I prefer baseball to football for, um, certain reasons ... but once you get into it, it rocks. I'm here to help, sister. :)

  2. That's a really good reason to learn more about sports, too. It just adds to any conversation. :)

    I will definitely be looking to you for help. A lot. Thanks!!

  3. Well, I can't teach you football in 140 characters or less but I can acknowledge it's possible. My oldest daughter Erica who never watched sports was motivated to learn football last year and was very successful. Unfortunately, her girl friend was a college football fan and I'm an NFL fan.

    There's your first lesson. There's a slight difference in the spirit between college fans and NFL fans.

    Since St Rose and Union weren't big football colleges I'm an NFL fan. You don't have to have a single favorite team. You can have favorites and teams you hate.

    This is a good time to be a fan because it's playoff season and all the players are a little more enthusiastic. Games also looks better now that we all have HD TVs.

  4. I think that's part of my problem; I went to St. Rose, where football is, well, non-existent (literally). No one in my family really follows the sport, so it never came up.

    I'll definitely figure it out. My plan is to be at least somewhat fluent by the time the 2011 season starts. Playoffs should give me a taste. Thanks for the tips!!