Friday, January 7, 2011


I was out on Sunday, having a good day. I went to see a shoe exhibit at a local museum (shoes as art - I know!!), I stopped and had my car washed, and treated myself to lunch.

Then I felt a couple of my Christmas gift cards burning a hole in my Burberry, so I thought I'd better stop and see what my favorite store had to offer. Can you guess what was on display, right as I walked through the door?

Valentines Day stuff.

As if to add insult to injury, do you know what I found after I was able to stumble past that display?

Bathing suits.

End of good Sunday.

More to follow on these nightmares in future posts. For now - tell me how you deal with stuff that seems like it's there just to ruin your day.


  1. I look at Valentines day as one of those things that just doesn't apply to me other than the candy I like. Like when I see Superbowl stuff in the store. As for bathing suits, why the hell would anyone want to buy one now? (other than me for work) it's snowing out! They're NUTS!

    (Yes, these little things make me feel better.)

  2. I actually do agree, and am getting better at the V-Day thing. It's just the first sighting always takes me by surprise.

    As for bathing suits - that's just my own personal hell.

  3. Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday designed to boost the sales of the candy, greeting card and flower industry. My thing is, don't send me flowers (etc.) because the calendar and society say you have to. Send me flowers (etc.) because, you know, it's Tuesday. Because you are thinking of me. Because you want to. NOT because you have to.

    That is what I do to make me feel better, since I am perpetually single on Valentine's Day.

    As for bathing suits - please. Don't get me started. I saw them in your favorite store the other day too and wanted to cry. I consoled myself over the package of Valentine's Day Dove heart chocolates that I bought to cheer myself up. ;)