Thursday, May 28, 2020

Quick to think

I lost a dear friend to COVID-19. She had a compromised immune system, so I guess some people think that means she was expendable.

But she was so much more than her immune system. She was bright, funny, smart, kind, brave, and the strongest person I know. She was a good friend to me even when no one else was, and because of her I never felt alone, even in my loneliest times. My life was better because of her and my world is darker with her gone.

Our country's response to COVID-19 has put people out of work, kept them isolated, kept people at home with abusers and away from school meals, and has prevented some needed healthcare. Deaths due to poverty, abuse, suicide, or other health issues shouldn't be dismissed. They are all tragic, and our government (at every level) owes us all better protection, not only from COVID-19, but also from its results.

No one should be seen as expendable, and everyone is grieving the loss of something. One is not more important than the other because we all matter. If you can say that the worst loss you've suffered in all of this is some convenience or luxury - I pray you continue to be blessed with that good fortune.

Even if you aren't personally affected, you still should consider your words and actions. "I'm healthy," or, "I would get better," or, "it's all about control," implies you don't care if you spread this to someone else. It implies you think they don't matter. It implies all that matters is what matters to you. 

I know your focus may be how to protect yourself, or whether or not you think you even need protection, or maybe what is affecting you most. That's fair; we're all entitled to think of ourselves.

But if you are so self-involved that you simply never think of others, dismiss deaths that don't affect you as unimportant, or say the loss must be hoax or an overreaction because you haven't personally seen any - I pray you receive more grace than you give.