Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Five - Stella & Dot

You may have heard I became an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot. I really love this job - I've earned money for hanging out with friends, eating yummy food, and helping women find fabulous jewelry they adore. Not bad work if you can get it.

I know some people are not fans of home parties. Too much work, not enough reward, they hate asking friends to spend money, etc. But what if I could come up with five reasons why a Stella & Dot Trunk Show is not your average party?

1 - It's easy for guests to shop online. 

I'm all about the home party. A girls night in with some food, wine, and friends is often just what the doctor ordered. The Stella & Dot line is much more fun to see (and try on!) in person, but not everyone has the time - or wants the added expense and work of hosting a party. Stella & Dot gets that, and has made it easy and convenient to send a link to your friends so they can look and purchase at their leisure.

2 - Shipping is a flat rate, and is shipped right to the customer, not the hostess. 

Many hostesses don't mind actually putting on the party - some like it, even. But if the whole order is shipped to the hostess, that's when the real work begins. Now the hostess has to go through the process of sorting what she has, coordinating with guests to get them their stuff, and contacting the sales rep about problems. Stella & Dot skips all that, and ships right to the customer for the same price as shipping to the hostess. So just host the party, and your work is done!

3 - Orders are processed as soon as they're input, not at the close of the party.

In addition to the whole order being shipped to the hostess, many home parties don't ship until the party is closed and all orders are in. Stella & Dot doesn't believe in delaying the fabulous! Orders are processed right away. Customers will have their gorgeous new accessories, even while the hostess is still earning her rewards!

4 - Speaking of rewards...

Everyone likes free stuff, and Stella & Dot hostesses are no different. Your Style Rewards start as soon as your party's retail sales hit $300 with four unique orders (meaning different people placed the orders). Even better, as your sales climb, so do your rewards! Starting this Fall, hostesses will have access to exclusive merchandise not available in the regular catalog.

5 - You get to hang out with me. Duh.

That might not be enough for some people (shocking, I know), but the stellar customer service, Delight Guarantee, and Flat-Rate Shipping might help. Thinking you can't have a great party? No worries! I can help you make it spectacular, fun, and a huge success. At the very least, you and I will have fun trying on jewelry.