Thursday, June 15, 2017

Little things

I feel like I am constantly surrounded by negative. Whether it's from the news, or my social media feeds, or just inside my own head, there's so much that brings me down. Once the negative thoughts are in my head, it's very hard for me to break free. 

So I'm happy when I'm able to take some pleasure in appreciating the little things.
  • My office building lost power today - so I worked from home and took lunch at my pool. 
  • My friend just picked up his new puppy, who he has named Lionel Ritchie. How cute is that?!
  • I received a lovely text from my Little's mom the other day, thanking me for all I do (I really don't think I do very much, but it was very nice to hear). 
  • I am able to hide political posts, and have been doing so successfully - to the point where I got all the way through yesterday without knowing it was Donald Trump's birthday.
  • For every political thing my friends like or share, there are at least three wonderful stories from other friends - like this one.
  • I am going on vacation again with my favorite person - to a new ballpark!