Friday, January 14, 2011

Minion in Charge - An Homage to F*** Around Friday

If you look to the right, you'll see a pretty extensive blog roll. That's because I read blogs when I should be working. When the blog roll first started, though, there were only a couple of links. One that's been there from the beginning is The Super Blogettes.

I found the Super Blogettes purely by accident - in fact, it may have been Ava Apollo who found me - on twitter, natch. It was my early days of twitter, and I was so excited to find a new follower. So I clicked her page, and - BAM! - I found the Super Blogettes.

Of course I followed back. And when her fellow Blogettes Sage Stella and Super Bella Blue joined twitter and Ava asked for followers, I was right there. Why? Cause these ladies freakin' rock.

Some have said to me that their blog is a little off color. (I've gotten this reaction when I share their posts on facebook.) But still - several of my friends read the Blogettes. I've even gotten a couple to follow Stella's more serious side on facebook.

So why do I like the blog? Because it's real. No I don't think Ava and company are all shadowy figures with billowing breasts and whips and chains and...wait. Um, well I'm sure they're not just shadows.

They talk about real issues - dating, sex, social media, sex, family, work, sex, friends - and sex. They do it with humor, and smarts - and they say loud and proud what most of us are only willing to whisper. I respect that. I admire that. I learned it from them - and I appreciate that.

I'd be saying this even if it weren't for the minion contest - but I still think I should win. I was a minion before they had minions!!

I'm like the Minion-in-Charge.


  1. Off color? What? They don't like the purple?!
    Thanks for the love, Sue. You were our first real fan! A big kahuna among regular sized kahunas!

  2. Ahh, dearest Sue, you are the wind beneath my little Blogette wings! You let us wave our freak flags high and proud, boldly proclaiming "I love the Blogettes and I don't care who knows it!"

    In the words of Mr. Crazy Pants himself, a one Mr. Tom Cruise, you complete us.

  3. You ladies are so awesome.

    You had me at "sext a doucher." ;)

  4. Sue and The Super Blogettes clan, y'all rock and I loves ya, and I don't care if that sounds like I'm teetering on the edge of the Lezzydom. I'm new to this whole "blog thang" but if only for the amusement factor alone, your blogs amuse me; and, therefore, I love reading them. Of course, it does more than that. Your blogs make me realize I'm not the only one in this crazy world with these thoughts in my head. It's like y'all have somehow reached in there, grabbed a hold of a section of my brain and wrote a blog about it in order to share it with the rest of humanity. It's like y'all do me a favor because though I have a blog, I admit, I am too effin lazy to write...that, or I'll start it, and not finish. I am an epitome of incomplete thoughts.
    Indeed you are the minion-in-charge, Sue. I humbly grovel to simply be the newbie henchman...henchwoman...henceminion. :)