Sunday, March 17, 2019

I miss my kitty

Here's a secret some of you could probably guess:

I don't travel well.

I can research where to go and where to stay. I can plan things to do once I'm there. I am good at anticipating what might happen, what others may need. I am OK traveling alone, and can accommodate others when I am not.

But... when I am done, I am DONE. Unfortunately, when you travel, schedules can be unpredictable and the unexpected can happen. Especially where flights are concerned.

Last week I left for AZ with my boyfriend. All was well... and then an Ethiopian Airline crashed on the other side of the world and it turned out the type of plane has crashed before and has been banned by, like, every country except the US. So the FAA quickly took action and grounded the Boeing 737 Max 8 - which just so happens to only be used by Southwest to service Albany, NY. So - our flight home was canceled.

I scrambled and found a new flight that was a day later. But then I needed a hotel. I ended up finding one that had to be one of the worst hotels on the planet, but it was a safe(ish) place to rest our heads for the night. That should be good enough - but I was not comfortable, I was ready to go home 24 hours earlier, and I was stressed about getting home to my kitty, returning to work on zero downtime, and the extra money being spent.

I was DONE. 

I rushed through getting ready and, long story short, got us to the airport with hours - hours - to spare. I even paid to upgrade our boarding (if you don't know, Southwest is open seating so an upgrade just means I paid to board earlier than our assigned time, giving us a better chance at sitting together). 

I am just so done and homesick and can't wait to return to a comfortable surrounding and routine - that includes my kitty.