Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thirty Days of Me: Day Sixteen

The challenge for day sixteen.... A photo of you and your family.

Last year, I showed three photos, all of me with my closest family members in various combinations.

My family hasn't really changed. I still believe that family is what you make it. No, we can't change blood ties. But the truth is, family is about more than just shared DNA. It's about who you turn to when you need something; who you can depend on; who you trust; who you love.

I have a lot of family that I've chosen. Here are a few of them.

She's my cousin - but not really. Long story.
She's also one of my absolute favorite people on this planet.
When my heart was broken, and all I could do was cry, she was right there for me.
That's family.

He's her son. He's the light in my eye. Always.
He's her younger son.
OK - I'm not in this photo. But I took it.

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