Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's the problem with diets?

In a word: hunger. I've promised myself that I will try to get healthier - and I am. I haven't been as good about going to the gym as I wanted to be this month, but I have kept going. I took some steps to improve my diet - though I've still got a ways to go.

I attempted more cooking at home, and getting more vegetables into my diet. I even started eating salads at lunch, and recently tried diet shakes for breakfast, figuring the vitamins, protein and controlled calories couldn't hurt.

The thing is - I'm hungry during the day. It's probably not a true hunger; I don't really think I need more calories. I'm thinking it's more out of boredom or stress or a combination thereof.

But - it's still a problem. Why? Because I get irritable testy difficult monumentally bitchy when I get hungry. Like - to the enth degree. Trust me - it's not good for anyone.

I just really see no reason why I should have to choose between happy and healthy. While I know I need to improve my diet - I firmly believe I should be able to have both. Some of it is a mental adjustment in my attitude towards food - but a large portion of it is finding new ideas.

Cause let's face it - food isn't going to stop making me happy. And life is better for everyone when I'm happy.

So, I guess I need some healthy snacks that I can keep on hand, to eat that will satisfy the hunger - without piling on empty calories? Suggestions welcome and appreciated.


  1. Check what's in the shakes you're drinking for breakfast. They may not have enough to replenish the 8 hour fast from a night of sleeping PLUS give you energy to start your day. Salads for lunch work only if you're also getting proteins and good fats in. Add chicken and avocado to those salads. Skip the snacks, pack an extra lunch. Seriously. More smaller meals throughout the day will help, rather than 3 big ones (or 2 little ones and one big one) plus snacking. I've been watching what I'm eating since Jan. 1 and have lost 45 lbs so far. I'm not dieting. I'm eating well. I'm just watching the quality of what I'm shoving down my throat. And, I'm enjoying my beer.

  2. What Bill said.

    Also, diets do not work. Anything that has an "end" will not work. You need to eat, just a bit less. Every day. Well, except for fun days. Without those, no plan works either.

    If your shake is not enough, throw stuff in there. My morning shake is 1 scoop of shake, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup chobani plain, 1/2 cup whole milk.

    Post work-out shake I swap out the blueberries for peanut butter for more fat and protein.

    My snack are Clif bars (no garbage or filler like HFCS), handfuls of almonds, good cheeses (only 110 calories or so per ounce, depending on the style), sardines and other delicacies, etc. Basically, I eat everything I enjoy, I just keep track of how much of it.

    Being conscious is half the battle.

    And working out like a fucking fiend.

  3. I just typed a great response but Blogger ate it. Jerk. I'll tell you at lunch.

  4. Ok, first, my suggestion is to pick up a copy of "The Rules of Normal Eating" .. you should never be hungry.. ever. Techcommdood is correct, lean protein and fats are great. Veggie Veggie Veggie .. seriously.. get them in there.

    Eat well and never be hungry. I do snack but usually, it's some cashew butter and a banana. I ALWAYS have protein with my carbs...

    Have "emergency foods" on hand.. Larabars are great because you get that instant boost from the dried fruit and the nuts keep you feeling full.

    Eat for satiety and health.

    As women, we have the added "bonus" of our bodies wanting to get that fat on. So while Techcommdood has dropped 45lbs I've only dropped 26ish. I've been basically following the South Beach Diet concept, which IS lean protein, complex carbs and buckets of veggies.

    BUT I feel better! My skin has cleared up, I don't have the "afternoon fuzzies" and I'm not hungry. EVER.

    I have some recipes on my blog that are tasty and will keep you feeling full. I have a breakfast that takes 10 minutes to make and will keep you going until lunchtime.

    I also invite you to check out the South Beach Forum at

  5. If you want, come over on a Saturday morning, we'll go to the farmers' market, and make stuff with what we found. I'll show you how I cook for the week, how to eat all the veggies in the world and enjoy them, make a day out of it.

  6. I like raisins for a snack, as they are full of energy and taste sweet.

  7. I used to eat everything not nailed down. For breakfast I started having a shake that basically consists of whatever fruits and veggies I have laying around. This morning was strawberry/broccoli/cantelope/banana/spinach/pineapple and frozen mixed berries for a smoothie effect. The base was carrot juice and a wake up juice with natural caffeine like effects. It makes enough for a 10 oz glass and I just don't get hungry till lunch or after. I know the combo sounds gross but you really can't taste the strange stuff. I only add a few pieces of each to add up to enough for the glass.

  8. I agree with just about everything above, but I'm going to offer up some additional advice. I would see to speak with a nutritionist and see if there's a way you can get on a plan where they teach you how to eat and how you can eat healthy, conveniently, and effectively. From the comments, you can see that everyone has great advice, but, in a lot of cases, the tips they/we give are what is best for ourselves. Based on your goals, which are something else the nutritionist could help you with, what someone else does may not be best for you.

    Also from above, you can see that there's quite a bit of overlap between suggestions. There are some power foods out there that you can reap many health benefits from, the trick is finding them. There are tons of books published on how the body processes foods and things, and getting started could be daunting, but basic understanding of the physics and chemistry going on in the body (which would come from research and speaking with a professional) would help with avoiding the immediate crash and burn that you're talking about in your post.