Friday, May 6, 2011

Follow Friday Fun: Hungry Girl

Yesterday, I asked for some tips on healthy snacks. A friend told me about Fiber One cereal. My friend is very smart, so I bought a box of the honey clusters cereal. My friend's brilliance continues to amaze.

Here's something fun - on the back of the box were a few tips for guilt-free snack recipes, featuring (of course) Fiber One cereal. The tips came from the website - and they were good. A couple of highlights:
  • Top off your yogurt, light ice cream or cottage cheese with your favorite cereal flavor
  • Faux-fry - ground up cereal (original), mix with your favorite spices and use as a coating for lean pork or chicken. Bake or prepare in a skillet for fried flavor - without the fat!
  • Mix equal parts of original and caramel delight cereals, and crush to make pie crusts 
Intrigued, I decided to visit the site to see what else this hungry girl could teach me. Turns out - a thing or two.

Chew the Right Thing is a blog - all about fabulous ways to make your favorites a little healthier.

Weekly Weigh-In is a blog that includes new recipes and reviews.

Girls Bite Out is a blog all about surviving the weekends - and dining out.

There's more at the site, and you can sign up for their daily email on their home page. They bring you the latest news on health and dieting, and answer questions from readers.

If you're a TV person, Hungry Girl will also have her own Food Network show on a limited run (for now) - Sundays in May (starting 5/8) at 10am/9c.

You can also follow Hungry Girl on twitter and like her on facebook.


  1. I LOVE Hungry Girl and have a couple of their cookbooks. They've got some great suggestions and ideas.

  2. I have a all but one of her books. You have to just be aware of the ingredients and pick and choose recipes. Most have fake sugars and low or no fat items that can have chemicals added for taste. She does have a lot of great ideas.
    I'll be following you. :)

  3. I tried using the cereal as a coating to make the onion ring recipe on one of the cereal boxes. It worked, but didn't look as pretty as hers.