Monday, May 23, 2011

My pedestal

I used to have one of those quizzes on my facebook profile for people to test how well they knew me. One question that no one ever got right was:

What celebrity would Sue most like to meet?
  • a) Derek Jeter
  • b) Rosie O'Donnell
  • c) George Bush
  • d) No One
  • e) Oprah
It was a trick question. Honestly, there's only one person on earth who even stood a chance, and that was X. He's the only person with whom I ever had this conversation - until now. Don't you feel special?

I actually admire everyone on the list (except for George Bush, though I do think he handled the whole 9/11 thing pretty well). Of course, we all know of my love for Jeter....

....But that's the problem. We tend to put celebrities on such high pedestals, that there's no way any mere mortal could live up to our expectations. And celebrities really are just mere mortals - with bigger bank accounts.

So, the truth is - if I admire someone, I would really never want to meet him. Because there is no way that Jeter, for example, is as perfect in real life as he is in my mind. And I love the guy who is my mind - so why not just leave him there? It hurts no one, and the truth is - even if I met him, what's going to happen? We're going to say "hi," maybe I get an autograph - and then what? Nothing.

So for nothing, I risk all my happy? All my hope that there is one guy on earth who wouldn't let me down the moment I give him a chance? That's not worth it to me.

I'd rather just go on believing that one guy exists.

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