Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures in cooking - chicken fettuccine alfredo

For whatever reason, I picked one of those frozen meal-in-a-bag type things last week at the supermarket. I had to have been shopping when I was either very tired, very hungry - or both. Thankfully, when I crawled out of bed, starving, at noon on Saturday, this questionable choice meant there was something to eat in the house.

The meal I chose included four parts: chicken, broccoli and mushrooms, alfredo sauce and fettuccine pasta. The instructions were:
  • Thaw pasta in a colander under cold water. Thaw alfredo sauce under warm water. 
  • Heat butter or olive oil in a pan, add chicken and vegetables and heat for about 10 minutes. 
  • Add pasta, then sauce. Stir until hot, then serve. 
So that's what I did.
It wasn't bad. Now I need advice on how to make alfredo sauce that is easy, and freezes well.

Why? Because I'm sure one of you makes a better sauce, which would improve this meal. I'm also sure it would be cheaper if I went the non-frozen route. Better still, I can add veggies that I really like, instead of always having to go with broccoli (and getting rid of the mushrooms that they included - blech).

So - have at it. How do I make a good alfredo sauce?


  1. Buy a jar!

    I found this recipe

    and this one that looks promising

  2. I love this one - it contains tofu, but it's really silky & flavorful. (And the tofu cuts the fat & ups the protien content.) It's really easy - throw all the ingredients in a blender, then heat the blended mixture on the stove until hot....

    I add a few cloves of minced garlic to mine. I also use chicken broth usually, though only because chicken soup base is what I have in the house most of the time.