Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weight a minute

I am not a fan of diets. I am not good at them - mostly because I have no patience. So, when I don't get results right away - I give up. Not to mention, they focus way too much on losing weight, and not nearly enough on getting healthy.

I once lost a lot of weight - in a very unhealthy way. I cut almost all fat out of my diet, and very strictly watched my calories every day. At the same time, I started working out several times of day. I managed to lose a lot of weight - but never improved my health at all. Not to mention - I gained the weight back the minute my work and school schedule changed and I could no longer stick to the work-out schedule.

That said, I know I need to do something. So, I've decided I'm not setting a weight-loss goal. Which works out, since last year I "accidentally" got my scale wet while washing my tub, so I can't weigh myself anyway. But I am going to set a fitness goal.

My current goal? Total beginner. I'm challenging myself to go to the gym a minimum of 4 times a week - and, you know, actually exercise while I'm there. That will be my fitness challenge for March.

I'm putting it here, so that you can all feel free to keep me honest.



  1. Making little changes that you can sustain long term is the way to go. Let me know if you need some encouragement or moral support...you know I'm working on this too!

  2. I know, but you're so good and I'm so...not. Ugh. I hate fitness. It confuses my body. :)

    That's why I didn't bother with the diet. Though I am trying to make improvements there too, I know I'm certain to have setbacks there. The exercise, though, I really want to do.

  3. Hey Sue, join all of us at the #518fatasses hashtag too. You are absolutely right that "diets" and and short-term plans don't work. Because if you're ever "done" doing them, there go the gains too.

    It's a long-term outlook that really matters, and the de-emphasis on weight itself. The HAES (health at any size) movement has really taken off the past few years.

    Personally, I hate gyms, I get much more done at home. It's amazing what you can do with a few dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own body weight.

  4. Sue, you probably hate it because you have not allowed yourself to reap the rewards of the amazing feeling you get with a solid fitness program. It's a lifestyle change and yes, it's hard but I would love to help you. Patience is key, and I will certainly support, encourage and motivate you if you need a good kick in the a** ! You're a strong and intelligent woman and I know you can do this.