Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting healthy might just be the death of me

I'm still working on this fitness thing. I only went to the gym twice the first week of March. I got inspired in the second week and made it three four times. Four times a week was my goal; so far, I'm on track for this week.

I'll admit - I like the feeling after a workout. I will also admit that I am considering cutting back on sweets and popcorn at the movies. Considering is all I'll promise right now. I have also learned a few things. My observations thus far:

  • Going to the gym is hard for me in the winter; I do not like leaving the house when there's snow and ice everywhere.
  • I am more likely to go to the gym after work if I bring my clothes and change before I leave the office; on the other hand...
  • I don't like changing at the office and the gym is ridiculously busy at that hour - so much so, that once I actually had to leave and come back because I couldn't find parking.
  • I do not like people who don't wipe down the machine after they leave it; even if they only use it for a minute; in a related story...
  • I think those guys who do a circuit of machines like they're in their own private gym are jerks.
  • I do not understand people who go to the gym to flirt.
  • I do not like the flowers that Planet Fitness has in their women's locker room.
  • I think it's ironic that people will drive all over a parking lot to get a closer space so they don't have to walk - when they're there to exercise in the first place.
I still remain convinced that getting healthy might just be the death of me. But, I figure if that happens, I've proven you all wrong - so I'm looking at this as a win/win.

Any pet peeves about the gym? How are you doing on your fitness goals? Other goals? Do you like butter on your movie popcorn (kidding - sort of)?


  1. I've been using MyFitnessPal to log calories and exercise for about a year now, but pretty much daily since January 1st. I used to be a Planet Fitness member but, despite it being right around the corner from my house, it's just too crazy there and so I cancelled my membership a year ago. The parking in the winter (though .5 miles from home, not the safest walk when there are no sidewalks and snowbanks narrow the roads) is nothing short of insane, with people inventing spots and triple parking. Inside is a zoo. The only area regularly available to use is the free weight section, otherwise it's await for cardio machines despite there being ~100 of them. The people there also seem to be on a mission to make everyone else's time there miserable, from mistreating the equipment to hogging huge areas in the locker room. So I work out at home. Some light free weights, some body weight resistance cardio, some resistance band cardio, and of course Wii Fit Plus and EA Active. Almost 30 lbs down since January 1st!

  2. I'm a home person myself, for many of the reasons you listed, and I just like getting home after work. When I'm done, I mix my shake and hop in the shower, and "hey, I'm home!"

    P90X (or any of their programs) is perfect for that. Dumbbells, resistance bands, and a thick yoga mat. It's hard work, but I'm motivated, it feels great when I'm done, and I'm seeing results.

    And no butter.

  3. If I had room at home to do a variety of exercise there, I would. Right now, that's not the case, and while there are things about the gym I don't like, it does provide a certain amount of motivation for me. Not the least of which is the fact that I have to pay a monthly fee to be able to go in the first place.

    As for dieting/weight loss - I suck at it. Not to mention, as a woman in her *ahem* thirties, my body actually fights weightloss. But, I'm determined to find a way to get healthy and fit, and hopefully some weightloss will come along with that.

    Thanks guys!

  4. Health At Any Size is the main goal Sue, not obsessing over stats. A friend of mine co-wrote a book on it, it's a good read.

    "Diets" as currently considered don't work because anything with an end-date means the results end too. When it's "over" people go back to their previous habits. Also, if results are slow to show up, people give up too soon.

    81 one days from now, I will have some good results from P90x. Hell, I already do! Doesn't mean I can just go back to the way I was acting before. I have to maintain, and then maybe even kick it up a notch if I'm so inclined.

    At my age and likely rejoining the "market" soon, I need to jump-start myself. Complete fitness overhaul, picking up the drums again after 20 years, getting a couple web sites up and running, take some classes and getting some certifications for work. Completely rewire my brain.

    But when it comes to the fitness part, don't think in terms of days, pounds, whatever. Just do something. Every day. Work out. Walk 2 miles on non-gym days. Analyze your diet for bad carbs - those are WAY worse than the fat in butter. Enjoy every step of the way, instead of thinking it's a chore.

  5. hestika - That's excellent advice. Likely the best I've gotten about fitness - ever. Thanks much for that, and thanks for the link. I will check that out.

  6. Huh, I didn't even realize it was showing my old blog name.

  7. The "market"... Yeah, then there's that.

  8. The "market" is a whole other conversation.