Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I keep seeing this image all over my facebook feed:

The point being that Jackie O had more class than Michelle Obama. I suppose an argument could be made that's true - no one can argue Jackie O was all class. But if you truly wanted to make a valid point, wouldn't you use a photo of her that is similar to the other? There are thousands of them (I checked). How about one of her two Vogue covers?

Cover of the April 2013 issue.

But I suppose that wouldn't make your point.

Personally, I find Michelle Obama to be fabulous - smart, articulate, beautiful, and yes, she carries herself with a lot of class. She has championed childhood obesity (by the way, that photo is of her leading an exercise class, even though some on facebook commented someone should "get her a pole").

If you don't agree - that's fine. To each his own. That doesn't excuse putting an unflattering photo (we all have them; hers just happen to be all over the internet) next to someone who lived in an age where every photo was staged, and make an unfair comparison to make a point. It also doesn't excuse making some of the ugliest, most hateful comments about the First Lady of the United States. Show a little respect.

Have a little class.

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  1. AMEN!

    I totally agree with this.

    It makes me so angry when people are so SELF ENTITLED that they feel it is their god given right to BASH someone... My opinion goes from the First Lady down to the celebrities.

    I may not agree with these peoples lifestyles, but I will never BASH THEM AS A PERSON, because of it.

    Insecure people, making insecure remarks... and all because they have no class and no respect for their fellow (wo)man.

    Loved this.