Thursday, March 14, 2013

A post full of shameless plugs

You may know that I am a member of The Cornerstone Group - a volunteer group of professionals who plan and execute fundraising events for Girls Inc of the Greater Capital Region.

You may know I am the Marketing & Publicity Chair for 2013 (hence the shamless facebook page plug).

You may also know that I can be woefully disorganized, late for everything, and tend to forget appointments and projects. Keep in mind I'm cute and nice and have many other fine qualities, so people are often willing to overlook these flaws.


I wanted something that I could dedicate to Cornerstone work. A place to keep paperwork, make notes, track dates, etc. all in one place. Oh - and I wanted it to be cute, and small enough to fit in a purse.

I searched...and searched...and searched - nothing. Unless I wanted to pay around $30 (I didn't) I wasn't finding what I wanted.

So I turned to a friend who said...hey, I can help you - and she did.

Court is Crafty took an e-reader case and a boring planner with all the features I needed, did some sort of magic and - bam! I have a cute, functional, budget-friendly tool to keep me organized. Now - if I actually show up on time and remember to do everything, I'm pretty sure this will qualify as a miracle product.

Did I mention it's cute? See for yourself.


  1. Thanks!

    And I giggled when I realized you found my note.

    There are more ;)

  2. I love this !!!!!! You should see mine three diffent books (notepad, calendar, and envelops all rubber banded together - So Jealous ! Great job Court is Crafty