Thursday, August 1, 2013

BuzzFeed got it wrong

I love me a good Buzzfeed list. So when I saw that they listed the 51 Hottest Black Men in Hollywood, I was happy to review and see what they thought.

First, let me say, I agree with them - those are some hot men. Blair Underwood, Tyson Beckford, DB Woodside, Morris Chestnut...Taye Diggs... I'd never heard of Boris Kodjoe, but goodness, look at him. What would a list of hot men in Hollywood be without Denzel?

Tyrese Gibson
Prince...wait - what!? While we're asking questions, just who are numbers one, two, and three? And how in the name of all that is good and right with the world is Shemar Moore at number nine?!!

And where the Hell is Tyrese Gibson?!!

(I will admit, I thought they left off Ludacris, too - but I stand corrected. He's on the list - just not in the right spot.)

I'm OK with men like Morgan Freeman on the list - but honestly, if we're giving him props for being hot because of his voice, don't we need Dennis Haysbert (of Allstate commercial fame) listed too? And if we're handing out awards based on character and distinction (Craig Robinson) don't we need to add Forest Whitaker to the list?

I don't object to numbers one-four being listed, I just don't agree with their placement. I would propose a much different list. In the interest of space, time, and the fact that not as many people will read this anyway, I'm proposing a new Top Twenty:

20 - Will Smith
19 - Jamie Foxx
Number Nine?!! Not around here.
18 - Kevin Hart
17 - Lenny Kravitz
16 - Ludacris
15 - Duane Johnson (Missing from the first list???)
14 - Dule Hill
13 - Denzel Washington
12 - Chadwick Boseman
11 - Mahershala Ali (Who was also missing from the first list.)
10 - Morris Chestnut
9 - Taye Diggs
8 - Tyson Beckford
7 - Dolvett Quince
6 - Blair Underwood
5 - Isaiah Mustafa
4 - Tyrese Gibson
3 - DB Woodside
2 - Boris Kodjoe
1 - Shemar Moore (Because obviously!)

My honorable mentions for not-technically-Hollywood but I-don't-really-care are:

President Barack Obama
Derek Jeter

Jeter made a cameo in the 2010 movie The Other Guys. He has an IMDb page and I imagine a SAG card, but I suppose that doesn't make him "Hollywood." In any case, I can't create a list of hot men and not include him.