Monday, July 8, 2013

This and that

A few things to mention, but nothing that really warrants a full post...

July is my birthday month! The best thing about birthday month is all the coupons and free stuff I get from all the places where I spend money throughout the year. Sephora, DSW, Famous Footwear, and Victoria's Secret are my favorite. 

I've decided to launch a new business, largely to pay off vet bills, but also to make some headway on
other stuff, as well as just have some extra money. Not to mention - the discount! As of a couple weeks ago, I am an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot, a boutique-style jewelry and accessory company that sells exclusively through home parties. My official launch party is Wednesday. Feel free to shop here, and buy yourself a gift for my birthday.

I'm addicted to NCIS and all too happy when the USA Network has a weekend marathon. 

The addiction more disturbing than my NCIS addiction is my addiction to Bridezillas. 

My dad got a Samsung Galaxy S4. I'm excited to go upgrade my phone to the same. Birthday money for the win!

I am looking forward to the All-Star Break, mostly because Derek should be back after, and then the baseball season can really start.

I have a couple other things on my mind...but for right now, I'm choosing to focus on the good, fun stuff. 

Happy Sue's Birthday Month July!


  1. There's a good chance I like July as much as April!

  2. I am a personal fan of October...

    But, I think this July is going to be SPECTACULAR!

  3. We share July birthdays only I'm so old, I don't take the whole month. It's all yours :)