Friday, November 25, 2011

Joy of shopping

I love to shop - but I hate crowds. Especially tired, angry, stressed-out, rude, unruly crowds.

So I avoid shopping as much as possible, starting today. I never shop on Black Friday - unless I have some sort of decorating emergency that sends me out for lights or other accessories late at night, when all the crowds have gone. Thanks to early-bird specials, most of the crowds are done early anyway, freeing up early evening for the sane people rest of us.

Side Note: Ever notice the glazed over look in the eyes of all those poor retail employees? Having been one years ago, I know their pain. Be nice.

Any major shopping gets done prior to Thanksgiving. After that point, it's all internet or home-party shopping, and maybe a couple of late-night retail trips, when crowds are thinner.

I don't want anyone ruining the joy of shopping for me.


  1. Joy of shopping? To me, it's more of a chore than a joy. With that in mind, the way I shopped last year works best for me. I wait until say, about a week before Christmas and buy everything at the same store in one fell swoop! In the past, I have waited until Christmas Eve and got some really good bargains! I must admit, that shopping method is definitely not for the faint of heart.

  2. Shopping is an art - and a sport - this time of year, no matter how you do it. Christmas Eve crowds are a little less organized crazy than Blackout Friday crowds - but they are more desperate, which can be just as bad.

    I still like the internet best.