Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Miracle

I never used to believe in miracles. I was too cynical, too sad or something; I just didn't see hope anywhere. 

Then I got separated. The fact that I even survived the whole thing is, in my opinion, the best proof that there are miracles in this world. I don't mean the over-the-top, part-the-sea, blood-from-a-stone variety. I'm talking about little miracles; little bits of hope that give us all a reason to keep moving forward.

My little cousin Joey is a miracle. First of all, he was a surprise. The odds of him even being conceived were pretty darn small (that little over-achiever). Then mom and dad found out he wasn't alone - Joey had a twin sister! Even smaller odds. Emmy, though, didn't get a chance to greet all of us - although she fought hard. She's an angel now, probably watching over her brother. There were several times during those nine months when everyone thought Joey might join her - but he kept fighting. 

Even after birth, Joey wasn't out of the woods. He was premature; he only weighed 4lbs and his lungs were not fully developed. He lived in the NICU for several weeks - always fighting. By the time he came home (a week ahead of schedule), Joey weighed 6lbs. Still small - but absolutely beautiful. Crying? Not this kid. He's always smiling, and as soon as he could open his eyes, he started giving the world the best little flirty eyes you ever did see. 

On Sunday, September 26, 2010, Joey was baptized. A beautiful little boy was welcomed into the church, and given his first three sacraments in front of family and friends. Tears? Nope. Crying? Not this kid. Just smiling and giggles - and when it was done, a nap. It was a bitter-sweet day for his family; happy to be celebrating their little boy, but sad that the day was still missing someone. 
Love you, Sue!

Joey survived when no one thought he would. He's had to fight more in six months than some people fight their whole lives. But he's happy, content, and his little eyes tell you that he already feels the love that surrounds him. His beautiful family is to thank for that, of course. Mom, Dad and big-brother Billy are three of the best people you could ever meet. They got me through the toughest time of my life - and Billy helped teach me what love really means. Now, his little brother is here to remind me.  

The other night, I was really sad. My phone said I had a message, and when I looked, it was a picture of Joey, with a text (from his mom - he's smart, but c'mon) that said, "Love you Sue." 

I stopped crying and smiled. If that's not a miracle, then I don't know what is. 

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