Thursday, September 16, 2010

Karma is the Best Revenge

Long story short, the other night I needed to move my clothes washer. I prefer to be independent and strong and do things on my own Unfortunately, I'm not built for moving major household appliances. So, after 60 minutes, 1 strained neck, 2 pulled muscles and about 100 sore foot bones (I dropped it on my foot), I admitted I might need some help. My first choice was unavailable. I hesitated for a while about the next most obvious choice - X. 

Turned out, he needed something from my garage anyway. And it's no big deal - we're friends, he doesn't live far and my house is on his way home. My hesitancy was that I might upset someone in his life, who I suspected would not like him stopping at my house.

But, the darn washer wasn't moving on its own, and I'd already strained more muscles than I could afford. So, I explained my situation and asked for his help when he stopped by. It took him 5 minutes [whatever....], and he was on his way. But he did mention that I was right - she was upset. Apparently, she doesn't like that he's always helping his friends.  

"Funny," I said - and he rolled his eyes. "I know, I know..." Ironically, that was how their relationship started - only at that time I was the wife and she was calling and texting him at all hours, asking for every kind of help there was. Here she is, three years later, upset because he's out helping others. 

My first reaction was, "Gee, I'm glad. I'm happy she's sitting at home right now, worrying. I hope she's crying and sick to her stomach. Because when I was there, she didn't care that she was doing it to me." Revenge felt good....briefly.

Then I realized something - it doesn't matter. Truth be told - I'm over it. Then (almost to my own horror) I realized I actually felt bad at the idea that she might have been upset, when there truly is no reason for her to be. [My inner-16-year-old is saying "ewwww" to feeling bad, but there it was.] I also felt bad that my friend (X) helped me out, and because of that, he's in a bad position. 

Karma. It's a bitch.
After he left, I got to thinking about Karma. They (and by they, I mean Wayne Dyer) say, "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours." If that's true, then I guess her karma is how she treated me. She wanted what she wanted, and she didn't care how much I (or anyone else) suffered. Now, she's feeling those consequences first hand. 

So what's my Karma? If it's true what they say, then by not enjoying her pain, I should have some good Karma heading my way.

Which, may be the best revenge after all.

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