Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Hug Never Hurts

I've been told that the fact that I don't have any kids means I know nothing about raising them. Eh. While I agree I don't know what it's like to be a parent - I certainly know what it's like to be a kid. The fact that I can still see (just about) everything through a kid's eyes, but with adult experience, gives me a pretty unique perspective on what kids think, need, want, etc. 

In some ways, I think parents get gypped. They're so focused on teaching their kids, they are rarely able to stop and appreciate all that their kids are teaching them. Since I'm the one without any actual responsibility, I can (and do) pay attention. 

Here are a few of my favorites.
  • All cake should be birthday cake! (Nathan, age 3)
  • Re: Food spilled on your shirt - I'm saving it for later! (Billy, age 6)
  • If you say something mean, you need a time out. (Emily, age 2)
  • I like the action, but the kissing parts are boring. (Billy, age 6)
  • Re: Dating - It's a jungle out there! (Tiffany, age 5)
  • Everything is better with chocolate. (Billy, age 7) [Side note - he learned this from his mom. Genius!!]
  • Always say please and thank you. (Nathan, age 4)
  • I may be too full for dinner - but never for ice cream. (Billy, age 7) [Mom again.]
  • When you're tired, your family will carry you. (Billy, age 6 and Nathan, age 4)
  • There's always time for a nap. (Emily, age 2 and Joey, age 5mos) 
  • There's also always time to shop. (Tiffany, age 6)
Dude - do you ever listen?

Kids understand that right and wrong are usually pretty clear. They know that please and thank you are the right thing to say, no matter what. They get that life should be enjoyed; that we should stop to look at flowers and shiny things, even when we're in a hurry. They know that they can't always say or do anything to take away sadness or loss - but a hug never hurts. 

Wouldn't it be great if we all remembered those lessons?


  1. Tis why I continue after 15 years to teach swimming and am looking at getting a teaching certificate - kids are full of those little reminders about what is really important.

    Some things I've learned (but couldn't tell you their names or ages for the most part now)
    ~Bubbles are fun.
    ~Coloring is calming and trees can be pink.
    ~Hugs fix a lot.
    ~Look at people when you say you're sorry so they know you mean it.
    ~It's ok to ask for help.
    ~We say "excuse me" when we burp.
    ~Giggles are contagious!
    ~We sneeze into our elbows because we don't shake elbows!

    My favorites are the ones that came with no prompting from me, they just ran/swam up to me and said them!

  2. I love those lessons. Some of the lessons I mentioned were actually un-prompted quotes. Others are just observations I've made while spending time with these tremendous little people.