Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fun 9/24/2010

Thanks (again) to Cute~Ella for bringing me a bit of Friday Fun, via The Woman's Colony. Feel free to post your answers here. Also, visit the rest of Cute~Ella's site, if you haven't already. 

What is one characteristic you received from your parents that you want to keep, and one you wish you could change? 

First, let me say that by all counts, I should be a tall, thin (from my mom) woman with naturally curly hair and a mathematical genius making a nice living working on computers and not dealing with people (from my dad). Brace yourselves: I'm not - so I'd have liked to get those characteristics.

I did get some of  my Dad's smarts - and his nearly flawless complexion, and thick hair (even if mine is straight). I'll keep both of those, but I also got some of his nervous personality. I work hard to overcome that.

I'd love to give my mother back the addictive personality trait. I do have a compassionate streak in me that I like, which probably comes from her. Although, mine is a little more in check. *shrugs*

If you could have any chef (free of charge) cater a dinner party for you and your friends, who would you choose? What is one thing that would have to be on the menu?

Rachael Ray. I don't care what's on the menu, I just want her to prove, in my kitchen, that without staff and editing, no meal can actually be made in 30 minutes or less. 

How do you know when you are in love?

I'm clearly not qualified to answer this question. Next.... (kidding - sort of) 

First, let me say you're going to think you're in love when you can't get enough of the person; when they want to be with you all the time; when they want to be your everything; when your relationship is "intense" and you agree on just about everything.

You're not.

You might be in love when you meet someone who makes you face your stuff. They're not afraid to tell you you're wrong, but they also listen - you learn from each other. They make you laugh - uncontrollably sometimes, and they laugh at you. Yes - at, along with. If you don't see each other's flaws, no one is in love. You're happy and content without them - but just a tiny bit happier when they're around.

Love should add to your life - but it shouldn't become your life.  

Favorite crappy, sugar laden cereal?

You're all thinking my answer is going to be some chocolaty cereal, aren't you? Nope. I actually don't like sugary cereals at all - something about the sugar in the milk is just really unappealing to me. I'm a Cheerios girl, who occasionally dabbles in Corn Chex. I might eat Rice Crispies, and if I do I will sprinkle a bit of sugar on them, but nothing crazy. By the by - Cute~Ella might be interested to know that breakfast cereal is the one place I think fruit should be introduced to other foods - bananas in your cereal is yumm-o (ode to Ms. Ray who is still slaving in my kitchen). 

If you were guaranteed honest responses to any two questions, whom would you question, and what would you ask them?

This is tough. I like to practice the rule, "Don't ask the question unless you really want the answer." It turns out, I don't care about some things nearly as much as I thought.

My dad's not a talker. As a result, he's tough to get information from. So, if I were guaranteed to get a good, honest answer, I'd probably take the opportunity to ask him a bunch of questions about his future planning, so that I could get in order. 

That would be more than one question, but if you want to know the other...

The person I'd ask would most definitely give me an honest answer. So, I guess I'd just need to pick a question. 

Happy Friday!!

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