Friday, September 24, 2010

(Anti?) Social Network

So, the other night I was invited to go to a sneak-preview of The Social Network, a movie about Mark Zuckerberg, the Co-Founder, CEO & President of facebook. During the movie, we move back and forth between the depositions taken after Mr. Zuckerberg is sued by everyone and his brother, and the events that led to the creation of the popular social networking site (and the suits in the first place).

Not normally my kind of movie. I like action; some running, some guns and a little mystery. If it can happen in space, I'm all the happier. I also like to giggle. This movie is pure drama (with a few well-placed chuckles). A (presumably) true story, and an excellent snapshot of what will certainly be a tremendous biography when Mark Zuckerberg is done making history. It's written and acted well, and kudos to the director who managed to keep even the most easily confused viewer [*waves*] on track, despite the back and forth (no small task). 

Judging by the trailer, most people won't like Mark Zuckerberg all that much. He's painted as a greedy, The movie didn't teach me if the guy is a jerk or not. Here are some lessons I did learn:
  • Spoiled kids do not make good business decisions, and
  • Neither do super-geniuses.
  • Harvard is full of both, and 
  • Nothing good comes from these two groups teaming up.
  • Popcorn and Sprite is not a good dinner.
  • Super-geniuses lack common sense and are easily led astray.
  • If you're going to break up with a guy who blogs, do so nicely - or prepare for the consequences.
  • If you're going to break-up with a super-genius from Harvard - STOP. You might be dumping the world's first 25 or younger billionaire. Are you okay with that? Yes? Proceed.
  • My watch keeps excellent time. 
  • The movie seats at Colonie Center are way better than the seats at Crossgates (I knew that already, but the point was driven home during this movie.)
  • No matter how smart or well-intentioned you are, everyone has their price. Drugs, women...unlimited giga-whosit-whatsies.... You name it. We all have our weakness. 
  • Relaxing and just being myself is fun, even when I'm talking to strangers (or new friends). Coming out of my shell is a good thing, and can actually happen in person. 
  • Women are way more powerful than men. Don't believe me? Napster and facebook may have been invented by men, but if this movie is for real - a woman started 'em both.
  • Never, ever give a woman a silk scarf unless you're absolutely certain she wants one.
  • If you're going to show your relationship status on facebook, make darn sure you know how to change it, in case it comes up.
Learn it. It could save your life.
I also enjoy irony. No phones allowed in the theater, so I had to leave my social networking phone in the car for four hours (two waiting; two watching) so I could watch a movie about the guy who revolutionized social networking. I'm still recovering from the shakes. On a positive note, I did have a nice time with my friends (one who I knew, another who I met for the first time), and all the friends he could manage to make while waiting on line. 

The main lesson I took away from the evening? Never judge a book by its cover. Everyone has something unexpected inside of him.

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