Thursday, August 4, 2011

True friendship

"True friendship isn't about who you've known the longest. It's about who came, and never left your side." Unkown

2010 ended terribly for me. I was heart-broken and discouraged, completely lacking confidence. At first glance, 2011 seemed like it might pick right up where last year left off.

Then everything changed.

Through the magic of twitter, I met a couple of ladies with whom, it appeared, I didn't have very much in common. But that turned out not to be true at all. We bonded over movies like Country Strong and Beastly - and we mustn't forget Fast Five. In between, we grew our little group, went on a fabulous shopping adventure, and have shared a lot of good food, laughs and secrets.

That's what friends do.

Today, one of those wonderful ladies is moving. She's found a great new opportunity in a great new (to her) city. I'm so very proud of, and happy for her - but I'm still a little sad. I'm a little bummed that one of my favorite movie buddies is leaving; that someone who I enjoyed spending time with just about every weekend will now be a 10 hour drive away.

I suppose it might seem strange that someone who was in my life for such a short amount of time would have such a big impact. But the truth is - it didn't take long for her (and all of them, and some others, really) to leave a huge impression on my heart.

I met these new friends at a definite cross-roads in my life. They stuck by the heart-broken, down-on-herself Sue when I needed it most, and supported me as I started to try and make some really positive changes in my life.

All of my friends did this for me, of course. But I think when you make new friends at a time when you're going through a major change, there's some sort of instant bonding that happens - that changes you, and the friendship, forever.

I don't think true friendship needs to be about who you've known the longest. I really do think it's about who comes into your life, and leaves a lasting impression. I feel blessed to have found true friendship in all shapes and sizes, with people who I've known for my whole life, and with people who I've only just met.

I feel even more blessed that I'm able to recognize it, and not take it for granted.

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  1. I will miss our movie "dates"! Loving the new place so far, though I miss you and all my friends already. It's nice to know I have so many wonderful friends in Albany, even though I left you all behind. This is definitely the right career move for me, and I truly apprecciate all the support you gave me through the moving process (especially being my reason to take a break from packing)!

    Visit soon! (This new apartment is so much nicer than my old one!