Monday, August 1, 2011

Thirty Days of Me: Done

Well, that's done.

I completed the Thirty Days of Me project - in thirty days, no less. Impressive, no? Yeah, I suspected  not.

You might wonder why I would devote thirty days of what was basically a journal to a public blog that is (hopefully, someday) a way to make money. Well, I'll tell you....

Because it's fun, it's different and it shows off a side to blogging that I think is important - the personal side. At the end of the day, blogs are really just opinions and experiences - stories seen through the eyes of the blogger. There's nothing objective or unbiased about a blog - that's sort of the point, actually.

Sharing a little of myself also (hopefully) encourages people to share some of themselves. Because a blog really is all about community - and I can't very well ask you to share with me unless I share first, right?

Hopefully now, when you read my opinion, you understand a little more where it's coming from.

Thanks very much for your patience, and allowing me to finish that little project. We now resume our regularly scheduled nonsense programming.

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