Friday, August 5, 2011

Follow Friday Fun: Say it like you eat it

It's been a while. But this is a really good one.

I recently found the blog Say It Like You Eat It through a guest post and mini-profile at On The Edge. I've since met the blogger - Paige D'Anna - in person. She's fabulous - even if she doesn't like squirrels all that much.

If you read her About Me page, you'll see Paige has guts, too. Guts enough to start her dream - this blog - and make it work.

Why does it work? I think it's because she posts a little about everything - from depression to haircuts, from food to - well, more food. It is called Say It Like You Eat It, after all.

By the way - Paige also explains where that comes from.
The site name … Say It Like You Eat It … it came from the book Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth (Gilbert) was in Italy, learning to speak the romantic language of Italian, and she was having trouble learning. Her tutor encouraged her by saying, “Parla come magni” … “speak the way you eat,” or the way she translated it “say it like you eat it.” WOW! How beautiful!!! It just ROLLS off your tongue, “Parla come magni.” I loved it...
Now that you've (hopefully) visited Say It Like You Eat It - you're also going to want to connect with Paige. She's great fun, she will laugh with you on facebook, and share Bachelorette moments with you on twitter.

When you find her, ask her about her plastic wine glasses.

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