Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morning people

I really don't like mornings. I'm actually not a night owl, either. I'm more a mid-afternoon, early-evening sorta gal.

I think that means I'm old. Whatever.

Here's the problem - I get the energy to go to the gym right about the time I'm done with my lunch break. At which time, I (obviously) can't go anywhere other than back to work. By the time I get home from work, I'm usually so defeated from my afternoon...or hungry because I had to run errands and didn't actually get to eat lunch...or busy with other stuff.

OK - so the real problem is I make excuses because I hate going to the gym.

But I have to go.

So last week, I decided to try going to the gym in the morning. You know, when I have no excuses, other than I'm tired, which we all know isn't legitimate, because I'm only tired as a way to avoid facing the fact that it's a work day.

Turns out - the gym is a million times more cheerful in the morning!

At night, it's mostly filled with teenagers/twenty-somethings who are there to socialize. Which is fine - except when they socialize all over the one machine I really need to use. It's also filled with creepy guys, who think that me avoiding eye-contact, wearing ear-buds and walking clear across the room to avoid them is a clear indication I want to say hi.

Apparently, none of these people are awake at 6 am.

Instead, the gym is filled with pleasant, thirty, forty and fifty-somethings, who are just looking to get a workout in before starting their day. They're not there to socialize, unless it's while walking next to each other on the treadmills, and they're certainly not treating the gym like a speed dating event. They're polite, friendly, and not in the way.

If you find yourself avoiding the gym because you don't like the intimidation of the younger, fitter, pretty set flirting with each other, or the muscle-heads who look at you like you don't belong - give the morning a try. No, it's not my favorite, and I do have to go to bed earlier in order to make it work. But if you're already paying for a gym membership that you're not using - this might be one way to make it more user friendly.

Maybe I'm more of a morning person than I thought?

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  1. Hm. Perhaps I'll have to try that...I did have a good day after starting it with that yoga the other day!