Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loreal Sublime

*In the interest of full disclosure, please note that I was not compensated for this post. I bought the product with my very own money. Just so happens I loved it enough I felt I had to tell you.

Wanna know a secret? Tan legs look thinner. Since I fully endorse the optical-illusion method of looking thin, I like to keep myself tan, especially in the summer months when skirts and shorts abound in my wardrobe.

Know what else? Tanning is bad for you, and requires you to undress in a small room with the possibility of a fire alarm going off at any moment. I'm all for sun-worshipping when I have the time, and the weather, but that almost never happens at the same time.  Plus there's the whole wrinkles issue.

So, self-tanners it is. They actually work well. We know I have no patience, so I prefer the variety that deliver quick results. I also prefer the medium-tan (aka darker) tone, even though I have lighter skin. I get my light skin from my Irish mom, but my ability to tan and dark hair come from my French -/American Indian dad.

The problems with self-tanners are: You have to wait for them to dry, there is a noticeable odor and they streak if you're not careful. Those first two issues mean I try to apply lotions at night - and if I forget, my whole tanning schedule is messed up.

But the other day, unable to find my regular brand, I stumbled upon Loreal Sublime. Let me tell you - it's aptly named. It's has a dark tint, which makes it easy to tell where you've applied, and where you haven't, and helps keep the application even. It's lighter than a lotion, so it dries quickly, and it leaves a subtle shimmer on your skin. Tanning appeared after just a couple applications.

Best of all? No odor.

This product is perfect to apply in the morning, which means I don't have to test my patience - or my tanning schedule.

Just thought you oughta know.

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