Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blogging for a cause

Bloggers do a lot for the community. Most of us donate our time and our (sometimes questionable) writing skills for the sake of information and interaction. We give a voice to causes, issues and interests where there otherwise might not be. We share expertise, experience, and give readers a chance to comment, interact and build a community.

Or, we might just post recipes and complain about the internet.

In any case, one thing any blogger is charged with is supporting other bloggers. After all, blogging is a community, right?

Blogger, and self-proclaimed local treasure, Kevin Marshall will be participating in Over the Edge on September 16, 2011. Over the Edge provides challengers the opportunity to rappel off the Crowne Plaza in downtown Albany, while raising money for the athletes of Special Olympics New York.

I can't think of many more worthy causes than supporting athletes doing their best, while celebrating life, team sports, victory, competition and sportsmanship.

Plus I totally support Kevin's right to jump off the side of a building. I hope his ropes hold out.

Knowing that a little incentive never hurt a fundraising campaign, Kevin is willing to trade services to raise money. Click here for an idea of what's in-store, should you choose to donate to this worthy cause.

Visit Kevin's Over the Edge page here to donate.

The dude is jumping off a building to raise money for a tremendously worthwhile cause. I donated and I'd encourage anyone else to do the same. Kudos, Kevin.

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