Monday, August 1, 2011

New thing - Movie Monday

I am not officially qualified to review movies. I don't know the first thing about cinematography (though I did spell it correctly on the first try), script-writing or editing. Well, that's not totally true - I did have to write a script for a class in college. But that was a million years ago.

I don't really know a lot about acting as a craft, or how to cast a film, or the first thing about production or scouting for sites or hiring extras or any of that stuff.

So, officially - I'm not qualified.

Unofficially - I'm just like any other movie fan. I go to the movies. All. The. Time. On average, I'd say I go to the theater at least once a week. When I'm home, my TV viewing consists almost exclusively of netflix movies.

I do know what I like. I know what to look for in a popcorn summer blockbuster, versus an independent Oscar hopeful. I know the difference between thriller and suspense. I know what I enjoy, and what I don't - and I can usually tell you why.

So, even though I'm not "qualified," I'm still going to try and share some of my movie-watching experiences with you. I probably won't talk about cinematography all that much, or casting or locations. I will talk about things like whether the actors made sense for the film, if the story held my interest, if you should spend the money on IMAX or 3D, if there were characters that seemed out of place or were especially annoying, if the movie seemed like a total ripoff of something else, or if someone has set out to totally ruin a childhood favorite.

For the sake of alliteration (Cause isn't that always fun?), and because I often go to the movies on weekends anyway, we'll most likely chat about them on Movie Monday (Get it?).

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