Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hope and Thanks

Today is a day to be thankful. I started a list: Familyfriends, my Dad, my homekids and the little things. Then I wondered - what do all those things have in common?

One way or another, every one of those things has helped me survive hurt. In the process, I learned about people; we all know love, we all know loss, and we all have something to offer. I've also learned about myself; I've figured out what I like, and what I want to change and improve. Without the hurt, there are friends I wouldn't have met, and experiences I might not have had.

That's all wrapped in one thing: Hope. That's the thing for which I am most thankful. 

Hope has taught me that the best thing about happiness is you never know when or where you'll find it next. It's taught me to never, ever give up. If you do, you might miss something wonderful. 

I've been told that my advice and support has helped friends survive difficult times. Complete strangers have commented that I validated a feeling, made them laugh, or made them think. Without the pain, and the lessons that followed, I wouldn't have been able to offer any of that hope. So it hasn't only helped me - my hope has helped me to help others.

That's a true gift - one for which I am very thankful. Hopefully, what I share makes you smile, laugh, cry or think. Maybe it even makes you hope a little. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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