Friday, November 19, 2010

Who are You Calling Sexy?

You might have heard that People Magazine recently announced their pick for Sexiest Man Alive - 2010. You can the details here. Certainly, they have some good picks - I'm particularly fond of their pick for age 36 in the sexy at any age gallery.  *sigh*

I decided to come up with a Top Ten list of my own. My taste is pretty specific - and unique. For me, looks   take a backseat to things like intellect, sense of humor and class. And no, that isn't a line of BS.

My list would look something like this:

The original sexy guy in my life.
Jon Bon Jovi - He's been on my sexy-guy list since I was old enought to know what sexy meant. He's been with the same woman for all of those years, with nary a word of infidelity or trouble. He's the guy next door. If, you know, the door next to yours is attached to a mansion in a gated community.

Chris Daughtry - That voice! And those arms! Plus, he tweets photos of his wife and is so proud of his family. Nothing sexier than a guy you might actually be able to trust.

Gene Simmons - His charisma, of course. His business savvy. The fact that he, also, has been "happily unmarried" to the same woman, with no cheating, for over 20 years. He's a marketing genius - and he once cleaned litter boxes on his reality show.

Dontcha just want to run
errands with him?
Ben Affleck - Still on my family-man kick. Plus - he always has  just enough Saturday scuff to make me smile. You could totally dress him up in LL Bean and take him to a farmer's market.

Seth Rogen - Funny? Check. Smart? Check. Honest? No proof yet to the contrary, so he gets this check. He's on my list because he makes me laugh.

Kevin Smith - See Seth Rogan. Add: He talks adoringly about his wife, which in my opinion, is very sexy behavior for any guy. Not to mention, he took his favorite hobby and made himself a millionaire. Genius!

John Cusack - Another old-school favorite. His annoying tweets aside, I find him to be smart and funny. He's a baseball fan who stands by his convictions. Sexy.

Stay off his mound.
Dallas Braden - He argued with A-Rod, which by itself would land him my list. When Rodriguez made snide comments that Dallas was using him for his 15 minutes, Dallas responded with a perfect game. Double sexy, in my book.

Rob Thomas - He sings, he writes, he adores his wife and they seem happy. Plus, he tweets all the time, which is a sure-fire way to my heart.

So, who is my Number One? As if there were any doubt....


Derek Jeter - Yes, he's a pretty boy. Yes, he has very classic, attractive features. Make no mistake - he's a smart guy. He says and does all the right things to maintain his image, and therefore his marketability and value.

Even if it's just an act (which I've been told it is not), he carries himself with class, showing respect for the game, his team, his family and his friends. He appreciates the opportunities that he's been given, and isn't afraid to show his gratitude. He takes his parents to all his public appearences - how adorable is that?!? He seems like an upstanding guy. That's sexy.

He makes me smile, and as of right now, is the ONLY guy on planet earth who has never fallen short of my expectations. Who else would be number one?  

Like you're surprised.


  1. Love it! And I love Dallas Braden for the exact same reasons you do. Take that, A-Rod.

  2. You're totally my new favorite person EVER!!! :) Thank you!