Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Fun 11/5/2010

Happy November! I'm already hearing Christmas music - ugh. Stop it, already, radio stations!! I love Christmas music (actually, I love all parts of Christmas - well, the non-religious parts, anyway. There's a post in there, somewhere....) But let's not ruin it by starting too early. Black Friday, people - Black Friday.

Anyway, I've got another Friday Five from The Women's Colony. Check it out (and respond, if you like).

And hey - if you're looking for something to do inside this weekend, why don't you spend some time catching up on a few blogs? Here are a few that I definitely recommend:

1) Are you a morning or a night person? Definitely night. I recently tweeted that we really only need one 5:30 per day - and I believe that.

2) You're having dinner with friends. They all start gossiping about another friend of yours. What do you do? Are we talking concerned, what can we do to help this friend gossip? Or Oh-my-God can you believe that guy she's dating gossip? Depending on the friend (and friends), the context and the situation, I'd probably change the subject. If it gets out of hand, I'll say something. I'm not real big on letting my friends get hurt.

3) What is the worst job you've ever had? You'd think it was Walmart - where I was harrassed and abused, and where customers threw things at me as I stood helpless behind the service desk. But nope - it's the job I have now. Stupid mortgage.

4) What magazines do you subscribe to? I used to subscribe to People, but cancelled it because there's really not much value - I can see the pictures, and read many of the articles, online for free. I currently get Rachael Ray Magazine and Real Simple at home. Those subscriptions were purchased as part of a school fundraiser, and won't be renewed when they run out.

5) What is your favorite restaurant in your area? Currently, this is a sore subject. My latest favorite is probably Sake Cafe. Yum.


  1. Thanks for the link! I posted something else today so I'll answer here:
    1. I'm a night person mostly, but I'm finding it difficult to sleep past 8am anymore.

    2. It depends on who and what. Most of my friends don't talk about each other OR we all have the same concerns about each other.

    3. I don't know that I've had bad jobs. I've had jobs that I enjoyed less than others, but I ended up finding something good about them eventually.

    4. I subscribe to Psychology Today and Martha Stewart Living. I love them both.

    5. Depends on what I want. For sushi I hit up Hokkaido in Glenmont, for burgers I get over to 5 Guys, for pizza it's usually Mild Walleys...

  2. Love your answers. I say I'm a night person, but I'm with you on not sleeping in. It's mostly that I just enjoy my evenings more than I enjoy waking up.

    I love Five Guys!! :)