Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Say What You Want...

...but I love twitter. I've posted before about my love for the (somewhat) popular social networking site. Still, friends and family say to me constantly, "I just don't get twitter. What's the point?"

Let me tell you. First - the point is to meet people. I have several friends (yes, actual, in person, I'd know 'em if I saw 'em) who I met on twitter. How do you meet people? The same way you'd meet them at a cocktail party or any other function - just start talking tweeting. You can also search for people in a specific geographic area, or people tweeting about specific topics.

People still doubt me. So, let me share a couple of recent success stories.

I've started tweeting for my cousin's flower shop/floral design business, Ambiance Florals & Events. In the few weeks I've had her business on twitter, I've networked with other local business, gotten her free advertising for her floral design classes (and found some new participants) and I was able to use twitter to find an awesome contact to redesign her website.

Personally, I've been having some problems with my mortgage lender. There's been some mix-ups with paying my city and school taxes on time. I thought I was able to solve the issue a couple months back, through several phone calls and faxes. But then I got a notice a couple weeks ago that my taxes were still delinquent. (Not a notice any homeowner wants to see.)

Rather than calling my lender again - I tweeted. A short message saying I had a problem, and I mentioned my lender's twitter handle so I knew they would see my tweet.

Within about 5 minutes, I had a response from the person who was monitoring the bank's twitter account. She followed me so that I could direct message her my contact information. Within an hour I had a customer service manager contact me for more details. Later that same day, that same manager called me back to tell me the problem had been resolved.

So, if you were wondering - THAT is the purpose of twitter.


  1. here here! Glad you're harnessing the awesome power of twitter! :) I personally would be thrilled to be your friend in real life, but twitter is a great way for like minded people to ignore the restraints of distance and space, don'tcha think?

  2. I so agree! It's definitely helping me broaden my definition of friendship, and I have met some of the best people on twitter.

    I think more people should embrace it because, as technology grows, I think our definition of 'in real life' is going to grow and change, too.