Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Did you read this article about the sweetest couple EVER?! No? Check it out.

*patiently waiting*

Done reading? Are you shocked? I was. I find it hard to believe that anyone could be that selfless and content. Aren't most of us always looking for the next best thing? A big break? Can't something always be just a little bit better?

It got me thinking - if I won all that money, what would I do? I like to think I'd be that kind - but the truth is, I'd probably only be a little bit kind. Observe:

I'd pay off all my debt - which includes a mortgage, a car and a credit card.

I would make a few improvements to my house.

I would set up college funds for Nathan, Emily, Tiffany, Billy and Joey.

I would give some money to certain family and friends who I know could use the help.

I would quit my job and try to make a writing career for myself. In my current situation, I can't really afford to be a starving writer; but if I had the money, I'd like to give it a shot.

Would I donate to charity? Of course. I'd give some to several animal charities and some to charities supporting our soldiers and their families. I'd also donate to charities that support counseling and advocacy for at-risk youth.

What would you do?  


  1. Pretty much the same thing, except for I don't know who Nathan, Emily, Tiffany, Billy, and Joey are. I would give to Alzheimer's research as well as to the Cancer Institute and SMILE Foundation. As for writing, I don't know, I'm the sort who'll start writing, then get lazy, then scrap it all. I think if I had to do something for myself, I'd take that road trip to every state, and make a photo journal of all the cool obscure places I'll visit and the wonderful food I'll eat. Want to come along?

  2. I used to have an answer for this, but now I'm not so sure...I know the first thing I'd do is hire a lawyer and accountant. Then I'd pay some bills for my parents, set up some funds for my "nieces and nephews" and set up a trust for charitable donations/grants. I'd prob quit my current job but still teach swimming lessons sometimes - but either go to school to be a teacher, be a professional volunteer or launch my own business. I know I'd be unhappy if I didn't feel like I was being productive.