Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday (Necklace) Fun

I tweeted on Wednesday that my Friday Fun post was going to be pictures of my new necklace, just because I like it that much. I wasn't kidding.

It might surprise you to know that I have a crafty side to me. Crafty Sue actually has some creative hobbies, like floral design (that's another post) and making Christmas ornaments (for which I'm considering an etsy site). Crafty Sue also likes to go to craft fairs and find unique items as gifts, as well as for myself. Last weekend I went to this craft fair at Hudson Valley Community College and found a very cool necklace.

This is the necklace I bought. At full length, it's about 20 inches (shown below). Just right with a turtleneck sweater. 

Perfect length for the winter wardrobe.
But, those clever crafters gave us some options. When worn full length, the toggle connector is hidden behind your neck, and the the circle is part of the design on the end. But when brought together, they close the necklace up, cutting its length in half. 

Arrows show the toggle connector. 

Once the toggle is closed, you have two options for wearing the necklace. See? 

You can wear it as a strict choker, or place the toggle in front and give yourself the added length. 

While I love my designer brands, this makes craft finds such a great little thing. Add this to my list of things that make me happy.

Hope your holiday was great, that you're loving the football or shopping and that you found lots for which to be thankful. 

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