Sunday, August 22, 2010

Puzzle Pieces

"Our wedding was many years ago.  The celebration continues to this day." ~ Gene Perret
People assume that because I'm divorced, I'm anti-marriage. Not true. I love marriage. I love the idea that two hearts, two minds and two bodies can fit together perfectly, like pieces from the same puzzle. I love the idea that two people join, and go through life's ups and downs together - as a team.

I love... Love.

I don't believe that a marriage is only filled with love if it lasts a lifetime. Even marriages that don't last usually had some love. Some happy memory or moment that changed those two lives forever.   

Still, there's something beautiful about a true love story. Two people coming together as a young couple, getting married, and starting a family. Nothing glamorous, or exciting. No riches or power or drama - just love, family and hope for the future. The idea is beautiful in its simplicity.

I went to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration today. My cousin and her five sisters threw a party for their parents, Dave and Judy, who were married 50 years ago this September. They had six beautiful daughters, and between them have 13 grandchildren. They aren't rich, they don't live in a fancy house or drive fancy cars. Everyone doesn't always get along, and they have all had their fair share of problems.

But their family is as filled with love as any I've seen. Through good times and not-so-good times, they are always there for each other. They argue, they bicker and they drive each other (and others) crazy sometimes. But - heaven help the person who utters a word against anyone in this family. They'd move heaven and earth to defend or help one another, and they always have each other's back.

Over the years, their family has grown. Boyfriends, husbands, children...even a rogue cousin or two (such as yours-truly) have found their way into the fold. That's the thing with love - the more you give, the more you have. 

Dave and Judy are a model for what love, and life, should be. Not only because of the success of their marriage - but because of their family as well. Only true love could have built such a loving, caring group of people, with an endless capacity for giving and sharing.

Dave and Judy are made of love, hope and strength. We should all be lucky enough to find our puzzle piece the way they have. 


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  1. I came across this as I was searching for a puuzle piece of love image. I appreciate all that you wrote. I am also a 30 something year old divorcee (I word I thought I would never use to describe myself). You captured it perfectly when you said "Even marriages that don't last usually had some love." I absolutely love my ex and he loves me as well but it just didn't work unfortunately. I have spent my life in love with love but more recently terrifed of the danger that comes with being vulnerable. What I found is that when I wasn't looking, there is was staring me in the face and waiting for me to notice. All the things that I thought were silly - the lovey dovey pixie dusts and fairy tales - all right there waiting for me to find. I haven't had a chance to read through more of your blog, but I plan to later. I wish you all the best in life and in love. When you find the right person it's amazing how many possibilites await!! I just hope to be the like couple you spoke of one day!!