Thursday, November 18, 2010


Thanksgiving is next week. I know this because my father started texting me four weeks ago asking what we were going to do about dinner. Also, although dates frequently sneak up on me, that almost never happens when they're attached to a four day weekend. 

You call that a meal?
They aren't even throwing any food!!
Other than nagging and fighting, my family doesn't really have "traditions." We used to eat as a large group when I was younger. When I got married, X thought it would be "fun" if we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home. Thankfully, my immediate family is not very large, so we he only ever cooked for four-six people. 

Honestly, the only family with whom I concern myself when it comes to holidays is my Dad. Since I don't cook (much), we're still figuring out what the new "tradition" will be. I expect it to be something that will change over time, which is fine. Were it up to me, I'd stay in bed, eat donuts, watch the parade and then have takeout while I start putting up my Christmas decorations. 

For the record, this year we'll be joining my cousins and some of their family. This would be a perfectly fine tradition with me, since Bill is probably the best cook I have ever encountered. Sorry, X. 

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? 


  1. Our Traditions totally depend on the year and who is in town. This year, we'll be going to the Tally Ho (so no one has to cook, my gma likes it) on Thursday with my Dad followed by dessert and drinks with my mom. Friday will be dinner with my Mom and some close family friends and hopefully hockey on Saturday! We're not so traditional

  2. I'm so over traditional. I'm still hoping for hockey on Saturday!