Friday, December 31, 2010

Smart Cookie

Would you be distracted?
I love rainbows. There's just something about them that seems so hopeful; almost magical. 

Unless of course you're in the car with Chrissy and me. Then they're just hazardous. 

New Years Day 2009. We were headed to the Waterloo Premium Outlets (great shopping, by the way). It was cool and clear but it had been sleeting/freezing rain earlier in the day.

The result of our schizophrenic Upstate/Western New York winter weather? A rainbow - crisp and clean in the winter sky. 

Mid-sentence, Chrissy screamed, "Oh my God - look!" 

As I said - I love rainbows. So, I looked up from my phone and leaned forward, to get a better view through the windshield. My leaning forward prompted Chrissy to do the same. So there we were, both leaning forward, looking up at the sky through the windshield of Chrissy's car. Why is this funny, you ask? Who do you suppose was driving, as we were mesmerized by this rainbow, at 65MPH? (Chrissy was driving; probably closer to 80MPH) 

The lesson? I like rainbows, Chrissy is easily distracted and tire tracks aren't really an issue when the ground is frozen. The engineer who built the New York State Thruway along a very wide, open field is one smart cookie.

Also - the best way to start any year is by laughing with a good friend.

Happy New Year to all my family and friends!!

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