Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I've mentioned before that I love lights. It's been said that if you come to my house the day after Thanksgiving and stand still long enough, I will drape lights over you. [Put lights on a dog one time, and you get a reputation forever...]

I love to put lights up outside. When this job belonged to someone else, the light displays at my house were tremendous. (don't tell X I said so) Nowadays, it's a bit more reserved - largely because there's no freaking way I'm climbing a ladder. Still, there are ways to make your exterior illumination put on a terrific show.

First of all, timing is everything. Don't put your lights up too early, or wait to take them down after the holiday is over. Being outside in the cold and snow, fighting with frozen cords is all part of the fun. If you take the easy way out, and you live near me - please note I'll be tweeting sarcastic comments about you. 

Once you've come to terms with the fact you're going to be cold, the trick is to pull the display together. Here are some tips to help you avoid leaving the display looking like you were chased away by zombies mid-way.
  • Don't mix all-white and multi-color lights. Choose one and stay with it. It's like mixing plaids.
  • Don't drape lights over just any old thing, with no rhyme or reason. They should fit properly and make sense.
  • Don't decorate a tree halfway up and then leave the rest bare. It looks like you just got lazy. Either go to the top, or leave the tree alone.
  • Don't leave that one strand blinking while everything else is steady. Just don't. If you're so technically challenged that you're unable to fix this problem, take the lights down and go inside.
  • Don't leave lights just dangling - from your railing, gutter or a tree. Attach them to something, somehow. Leave it neat. No one wants to look at your mess for the next five weeks.
Tips and tricks aside - decorating is like life. At the end of the day, it's what is inside that matters. The outward appearance should reflect the inward style and focus. It doesn't matter if you're classy and reserved, traditional or funky, quiet or loud, or march to your own beat. What does matter is that you are not afraid to show your style to the world. Be who you are and show yourself off with pride and respect.

Because who you are is pretty darn cool. Right? 

Not my best work, but you get the idea.


  1. i love it. lol. especially the 'take the lights down and go inside' part. too funny, and true! :-D

  2. You are so damn cool. Just love your wit and find you brighten my day.

    Take Care

  3. Dang, you mean you just can't throw the lights on the bushes and hope they stay on them instead of fall on the ground? Dang...*untangle untangle untangle*

  4. Thanks, Michael. I appreciate that a lot.

    Genna - no, no you can't. *chuckle* There's a house not far from me that breaks every one of these "rules." I just want to walk up on their lawn and fix stuff. *snicker*