Thursday, December 16, 2010


I suck at losing weight. As I said during a twitter conversation earlier this week with a couple of my favorite tweeps, I have a lot of trouble getting over my mindset that food is comfort. I blame boys and their cooties.

I may (eventually) seriously blog about weight loss. For now, though, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite diet loopholes. Because if you need a corner cut - I'm your girl.

    You lose weight when you eat this stuff.
  • If you're eating with a friend, and you both eat the same thing, the calories cancel each other out.
  • Birthday cake has no calories.
  • Taking the birthday cake rule one step further; a lit candle sucks the calories out of any food.*
  • From Cute~Ella: Calories eaten on your birthday don't count; on your friends' birthdays only count for half.
  • Food wrapped in bacon has no calories.
  • From Mike: Alcohol calories don't count against you.
  • Cookies eaten in December have no calories.
  • Any holiday meal has no calories.
  • From kicknknit: Crumbling cookies releases the calories; be careful that calories fall on the ground, and not your feet, to avoid cankles.
  • If you lose weight in December, double it (holiday bonus).
  • Food received as a gift has no calories.
  • From Patrick: Relate your food back to a random conversation to cancel the calories. [Example: "My fantasy team laid an egg" means a huge, egg-centered breakfast will have no calories.]
  • Adding fruit to anything makes it a health food (pies, cookies, etc.).
  • Also from Patrick: When watching sporting events, if your team is winning, you get a free cookie. If you're team is losing, two free cookies.
  • Since it's required that you eat McBreakfast when on a roadtrip, those calories don't count, either.
  • From ndkelly29: Leftovers have only half the calories of the original dish. Reduce the number further if you serve the dish cold. [Example: Pizza]

 Have any to add? Leave me a comment!

*Must be used sparingly; avoid getting greedy.


  1. A tweep ( reminded me: desserts made with things like eggs and milk are technically breakfast food, and therefore the most important meal of the day. Most important. :)