Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Sparkle

I can't begin to explain how much I like Christmas lights. Enough that I put a tree in every room, so that no matter where I'm spending time, I have a tree to enjoy. I've been wanting to show them off; so here they are. 

I put smaller trees in the kitchen and bedroom. 

Yankee Tree
Yes, that's Derek Jeter. No, I don't have an A-Rod ornament.
Kitchen - Red & White Sparkle
The plaid ribbon matches my table linens ;)

My main tree is in the living room.

Close up of the decorations. 

Why go to all the trouble? It's simple....


  1. I love your trees. I only have one but I can see it pretty much from anywhere in my apt.

  2. Thank you! This really took off when I moved into my house. Living on two floors, there were times when I never saw my one tree. I couldn't bring myself to my tree - so I decided to bring my tree to me! :)