Thursday, December 30, 2010

With Some Resolve

For years, my New Years Even tradition was to go to First Night in Albany. Part of the tradition was to visit City Hall, write my resolution on a post card and hang it on the tree. The post card was mailed to you in July, so you could see how you were progressing.

In theory - a great idea. In practice - not so much.

It was then that I decided this whole weight-loss thing was not a good resolution. Mostly because it's a whole mind-set, lifestyle-type change that requires more than just a wave of my pen. I decided my resolutions needed to be more task-oriented. In 2009, I resolved to learn to back into a parking spot - a skill I sorely lacked. It worked. In 2010, I resolved to go on a roller coaster - and I came pretty darn close.

With that in mind, I've decided that 2011 is the year I will:

Become a paid writer/blogger
Take a class that is not insurance related
Make some healthier choices
Save some money for Christmas
Eventually get through that pile of mail

What will you do in 2011? 


  1. In 2011, I would like to piss off more people, finish my book, get some excerpts of it published in various lit mags, piss off more people, get my ass into shape, make more money than I ever have, and piss off more people.

  2. If you're really good about it, pissing people off will be a side-effect of the others. Keep things interesting.

  3. 2011 will be my year to definitely make healthier choices. In other words, lose the fat I've been carrying for the majority of my adult life. That's as blatantly as I can put it. I'm going to do it 20% for health and 80% for vanity. I'm not going to lie to you or anybody, but hell, I like myself a lot better leaner. I like myself in clothes a lot leaner. Plus, I'd actually like to be able to wear my heely heels in a non-horizontal position. My weight puts a lot of stress on my ankles so I just wear my sexy heels when I'm in bed, and feel bad about myself. You know my legs are actually sexy when they're in the air with stilettos on my feet. Sorry, I know I have issues. Anyway, so that's my big so-called resolution. Don't I put the fun in dysfunctional?

  4. Genna - you're hilarious. Yeah, you put a whole lotta fun in dysfunctional. :) I'm in the same boat as you - and will be doing something to get healthy this year, which will hopefully also lead to smaller jeans. :)

  5. Ok,here goes. I'm generally an anti-resolution kind of gal, given that generally by the end of the first week in January I've totally blown my goal---remember what Mark Twain said about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? Well, if I lined up my resolutions end-to-end, I might be getting close...

    Regardless, I still have decided on two resolutions (one will hopefully be easier than the other---as to which one, you decide). First, I'm striving to be less judgmental of others and to learn to avoid having knee-jerk reactions without examining a situation from all angles.

    This goes hand in hand with resolution number two: to be the best parent I can be, despite the unwarranted advice and judgmental stance of others around me, either familiar or strange. So basically, my goal is to avoid judging others while learning how to deflect their judgment.

    Oh, and as a follow up from last year, I did achieve my resolution...and he's due April 7th. :)

  6. I have no idea. I usually try to change things as I go, but I'm trying to come up with some stuff...The next 14 weeks are going to be themed with Survive and don't blow all the money on stupid shit. Does that count?

    I might just ReLaunch my 101 Things.