Monday, December 6, 2010

Small After All

Every time I think of how facebook has made my world smaller, I think of the song "It's a Small World, After All" which brings me back to the ride at Disney World. What a nightmare! Trapped in the dark, in a boat, listening to that song over...and over...and over... you get the idea. I almost got out of the boat and walked to the end, just to escape. 

Okay, so that's not really the point here, but that would make a funny story, dontcha think? 

I heard somewhere that all the people we know in our life are people that we've known in past lives. That we keep moving in the same circle of family and friends. In different lives, people take on different roles, but we're always connected to the same people, and we recognize them by their souls. 

So, I'm on facebook the other night, and I notice a friend's status. Something drew my eye to a comment, in which one of her friends said she'd run into a guy who they both knew, and she mentioned him by first and last name. I recognized the name - it belongs to an a guy I dated in college. I'd had the biggest crush on him in high school. He was a total bad-boy, can't-bring-him-home kind of guy. Ah - stupid choices we make as teenagers. 

So, I messaged my friend to ask if it was the same guy. She responded and said yes, she'd gone to high school with him. While I was contemplating how small the world really is, I remembered him introducing me to a girl who he'd dated in high school, and with whom he'd remained friends. She and I talked several times back then, because we all worked in the mall, and all knew each other. I remembered she had the prettiest name, and the most beautiful red hair.

Wait a minute.....

Yup. The same girl. So this woman, who is in my friends list; who I met by chance through a friend of a friend;  and with whom I've been to the movies and hung out and chatted on facebook over the last year, is the very same girl who I became friends with at the mall all those years ago.

Small, after all, no?