Monday, April 4, 2011

Fitness challenge

So I promised myself that for the month of March, I'd go to the gym four times a week. That was my challenge - nothing more. How'd I do? Meh.

I went at least twice each week in March; at least one week, I made it four times. All in all, not too bad considering I started at zero times a week. The challenge fell apart the last few days, because of some family problems that derailed my otherwise drama-free existence.

Like I said, there was no weight-loss component to the challenge. Having been broken in a freak bathtub-washing "accident" last year, my scale is of no real use, anyway. Plus, like I've said - losing weight is an uphill battle for me. If I make that the goal, I'm easily discouraged by my lack of immediate progress.

I was encouraged by the fact that a pair of jeans that is normally super-tight immediately after a wash was less so by the end of the month. Maybe the trips to the gym are paying off, even if it is ever-so-slightly?

On the off chance that something is actually working, I'll get back on track and keep this up for another month. I may even incorporate some healthier (not healthy - let's not get crazy) eating habits. Maybe some fresh veggies? Substitute rice for pasta now and then?

I'm taking suggestions. Remember - keep 'em easy. This is a real-girl's diet and exercise challenge. Around these parts, we have flaws and set-backs - and life is rarely what we order.

Yeah, like that....


  1. I'm fitness challenged myself, and not a morning person. But, I just joined Team Gish in a Couch to 5K training program that got me up & running at 6AM today. Somehow, doing a fitness challenge with a bunch of other women makes it much more doable!

  2. That sounds great. I think the group mentality could help, especially with other women that were in my same situation. Arthritis keeps me from being a runner - but I'm going to be rooting for you ladies!!

  3. Hi Sue. Congrats on setting a realistic goal and sticking to it!

    I recently opened this small group (6 people max) training facility in Rotterdam. I ran into your blog when i was doing some internet research. The first 3 classes are free if you want to try it out. Check it out at or on Facebook.

    Email me at if you have any questions.