Monday, April 11, 2011

Sex and the Standard

Care to guess who's who?
There we were...four single women, talking about life, love, work, sex and men. We were huddled at a table littered with to-go containers, half-eaten salad, martini and wine glasses, each nursing a glass of water.

Seriously - all we were missing was a production crew from HBO and Christopher Noth.

We don't know each other that well; and we haven't known each other that long. We came to the table at different ages, with different interests, experiences, and from different places in life.

So what did we share? We're all friendly, fun, fabulous women looking for happiness. The conversation was bound to be good

I know so many women who think that's a waste. If you're single, you should be trying to meet someone - or you're just wasting time. Or I'm silly to hang out with, or take advice from, women younger than I who've never been married. Or they're silly to listen to me - someone who was never in their shoes.

That's the point, though, isn't it? Or it should be. We can listen, and laugh, and share. In the end, maybe we learned something brilliant; maybe we had a life-changing idea; or maybe we just had a really good meal and a really good laugh.

Which, in my opinion, could never be a waste of time.


  1. couldn't agree more<3 great post Sue!

  2. Everyone has a story and we absolutely can all learn from each other. I love it! I agree with Kristen - great post.

  3. If you can't have fun with your friends and your life, why live it?