Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow Friday Fun - Times Union Cat Blog

More shameless self-promotion....

You may know that I contribute to the Times Union Schenectady Blog. A couple of weeks ago, our fearless blogmaster sent out a call for bloggers to contribute to a couple of new blogs he was launching at the Times Union - one for dogs, the other for cats.

Remy and me, February 2006
Some of you may know I was a dog-mom for a lot of years. Remy was like a child to X and me. He led a very happy life, and was only slightly spoiled. (Okay, fine - we bought a king-size bed so he'd be more comfortable, he was allowed to roam the house when we weren't home, and we let him sit on the couch and watch TV.)

Remy passed away in 2008, and I've not gotten another dog simply because my lifestyle doesn't lend itself to being a good dog-mom. But I'm still a cat-mom - and if you know me, you know that Pudge and Joe pretty much rule the roost around here.

So I thought contributing to the Cat Blog would be a lot of fun. I can share my stories with other cat moms (and dads) and maybe get a little reassurance that my two are, in fact, perfectly normal.

Or tips on how to deal with their insanity....

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