Friday, April 1, 2011

Follow Friday Fun - Sex, Lies & Dating in the City

I love me some dating blogs. Mostly because they are often funny, sassy and smart. Also because it's comforting to know I'm not the only one in these predicaments. I don't write in too much detail about my dating life here - I save that for other places. Since I do write my tales of woe, I also regularly scour the blogosphere to see what my fellow bloggers are putting up with going through.

I came across the blog Sex, Lies & Dating in the City a few months back, while I was searching for "the best dating blogs." Seriously - that was my google search - and I read dozens of blogs that popped up as a result. This one definitely deserves that title.

The author's name is Simone Grant. Well - that's her pen name. As she explains in her "About Me" section, she started her blog as an outlet for her creativity, gave it a name, and then gave herself a name to go along with it - all for the sake of branding. Makes a ton of sense. She's also a Social Media Consultant, which you can learn more about here.

Successful, single-and-dating and a social media consultant? This woman is my hero.

She'll also tell you that she doesn't like the label "dating blogger." That the whole point of her blog was really to find/build an audience, and dating just happened to be a topic about which friends had suggested she write.

Whether her topic is dating in general, or online datingsex, or self-esteem, Simone tells it with smarts and sass, and is definitely worth reading. Even if you're not single, or not dating, we can all relate to batshit crazy, can't we?

If check out the blog and like what you see, find Simone on twitter, facebook and tumblr - and let her know!

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