Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brilliant Brunette....

....with many blonde moments.

I like to think of myself as smart. Mostly because I don't always think of myself as pretty. I figure brains are the universe's way of evening the score, right?

Not always, apparently.

I have made a semi-regular feature out of my best friend's blonde moments. In all fairness, I thought I should probably share several of my own, recent blonde moments. At least I know Cute~Ella will enjoy these stories.

* As I was leaving a hotel in Maryland, I was texting (maybe tweeting?), and not really paying attention. There were several cars pulled into the valet circle, and everyone drives an SUV these days... Can you guess where I'm going with this? The Rav4 is a lovely car, but it looks nothing like a CRV on the inside. The valets got a good chuckle, as did my cousin - all the way back to New York. In my defense, Billy did the same thing. 'Course he's 7 - but he's a very smart 7.

* When leaving the dealership on a recent visit, I paid my bill and exited the service area. I wandered, aimlessly, in the parking lot for a good five minutes before the service tech came outside, smiling, and asked if I was looking for my car. Yes, I said - turns out, I walked right by it parked in the service bay on my way out the door.

* Last week, I decided to cook (I know, I know....). While browning my ground sausage, I must have accidentally added some of the paper to the pan. More of a rookie mistake than a blonde moment, really...except you would have thought I'd notice the house filling with (and smelling of) smoke before it alarmed the neighbors. But if I can't even find my own car standing right next to me, how can I be expected to notice a little smoke?

Had any blonde moments lately?  


  1. Recently I haven't had any, but a few months ago I was shopping with Momma and I went out to the car to drop off some stuff. I had both sets of keys in my purse and took out mine to unlock her car. I couldn't figure out why the remote wasn't working! Duh, Ella...maybe because it was the wrong set of keys?

  2. I've tried to use the car fob to unlock the door to my house before. I also once left the remote in the freezer. *sigh* Apparently, these moments are not a new phenomena in my life.

  3. Went to take my dog for a walk last week. Automatically turned the lock on the door, stepped out and shut the door behind me, just as I realized my keys were still sitting inside the house. Not the first time I have done that.

    Occasionally I will cook something in the stove. Take the food out but leave the pan inside it, eat dinner, forget about it. Go to cook something else the next day in the oven and forget there is still a pan in it.